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Little Scholars of Detroit


MISSION: The Mission of Little Scholars Visual and Performing Arts is to create a foundation for lifelong learning.  We believe that children gain valuable life skills through the arts.


Established in 2000, Little Scholars is a non- profit childcare center licensed by the State of Michigan. The integration of arts and education makes Little Scholars Uunique and benefits the child as we recognize & cultivate their different learning styles. Through this method, we gradually build literacy skills and developing intuition,  reasoning, and imagination, 

Our goal is to provide high-quality child-development education.  We believe hands on and individualized learning is essential to the child’s  personal and mental development. Little Scholars believe that children who are given the appropriate tools in the most stimulating environment will increase academic performance while learning problem solving, cooperation, building self-discipline, moral character and healthy self-esteem.


Little Scholars is committed to the families we serve, recognizing parents, teachers and the community must work together to provide a dynamic environment to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.  We believe a child’s first school experience sets the stage for all later learning; therefore, we strive to give your child the best experience while loving to learn.