Early Learning Communities (ELC)


The Early Learning Communities provide parents with creative ways to help infants and children develop their learning skills and prepare them for school success as they enter kindergarten. Seminars are offered on topics such as infant/toddler movement, understanding preschool development, math learning and in-home word play. Early Learning Communities are provided through the Development Center.(DCI)



Children and infants are provided success in grade school and in their futures, some of which include:

Ready families: LSOD recognizes that in order to have children ready for school we must first ensure that the children's families are ready. In this project we introduce the parent café and parent academy The parent café is a place at each center that allows parents to connect during drop off or pick up in a relaxed environment and discuss matters that are important in their families. The parent academy will offer job, financial and educational training.


Ready schools: schools need to be ready to meet the educational and emotional needs of the children who will be in their care. Teaching staff will be trained to utilize the HighScope curriculum with validity in addition to ongoing professional development that increases the knowledge of best practice and meeting school readiness goals. LSOD has developed a plan for mentors to work alongside teaching staff to improve quality intentional instruction as well as develop goals for both classroom and personal growth. Local schools where children will transition to kindergarten will be contacted as part of the transition for families and for specific skills anticipated to be achieved and to develop a connection with LSOD and families.                                                                                                                     


Ready community: the community needs to be prepared to support the children and families. LSOD believes that active participation in community events and groups enhances the development of the children through safe, clean involved neighborhoods. LSOD will develop their centers to be community hubs that promote the idea of “it takes a village to raise a child”. Families will be informed of services in the community including libraries, activities and workshops and other resources.  


Ready children: with families, schools and community prepared to meet the needs of children we will then be on track to have ready children at all ages and stages of their educational career



Enrollment Information

  • Please inquire within any of our locations to learn more about becoming apart of the ELC program.