Summer Program

We at little scholars understand that youth need a balance of academics, community service and extracurricular activities to become well- rounded individuals. During the latchkey and summer programs children will receive assistance with their class assignments and tutoring to enhance academic success. Opportunities will be made available for students to participate in community service that emphasis Pride in our community and the meaning of giving. Activities such as arts and crafts, instrumental music, and performing arts are also available for students and lead by a certified instructor along with talented, creative staff and volunteers from the community.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality in arts education while encouraging students to hone their own unique talents, to develop confidence, enhance skills and discover the joy of working together.

After School Program Add-On's:

  • Transportation from school to our facilities

  • Creative programs, including visual arts

  • Summer Camp

  • Performing Arts Programs

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Visual and Performing Arts Summer Camp Program

Each year our unique 8-week summer camp afford endless benefits of artistic study and appreciation to our participants. We offer balance between visual and performing arts, various forms of dance and instrumental music. Every student leaves feeling empowered and confident his or her own artistic ability.

This program specifically:

•Helps students stay on track

•Teaches the importance of consistency

•Develops a sense of organization

•Enhances skills and time management