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Health & Safety

 Little Scholars provides children with a learning environment that is safe, welcoming, and engaging. At Little Scholars of Detroit we provide the following:

  • Entry procedures which include secured access for authorized individuals.

  • Daily playground equipment checks.

  • 24/7 Camera Footage

  • Procedures that requires that all teachers practice both visual contact and active listening

  • Cots and cribs with age-appropriate bedding.

  • 15-minute nap checks on children who are napping. (Children ages 6weeks-two years old are placed on their back)

  • A primary caregiver is with Infants, toddlers and 2-year-olds.

  • The staff works with parents to create a carefully defined care plan.

  • For infants, diaper changes are done at regular intervals.

  • We implement an excellent hand washing policy. We always monitor children for illness and immediately notify parents if their child is unwell, which helps stops the spread of germs.

  • Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected daily with child-safe products.

  • Toys and materials in our classrooms are consistently cleaned and sanitized while also being carefully inspected for loose or broken parts.  

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