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Toddler 1 & 2

Toddler 1: 12-24 months • Toddler 2: 2-2.9 yrs old

Railroad Set

Toddler 1

12-24 months

  • Ratio- 1:4 Staff/Child (1 teacher to 4 Children)

  • Our Toddler 1 classroom offers a stimulating learning environment for young toddlers to explore the world around them. 

  • We implement a daily routine which offers predictability and certainty which is important for young children. We have set mealtimes, group activities, and time for self-exploration.

  • Primary caregivers create lesson plans with objectives of social-emotional skills, cognitive, physical, and language development.

  • This creative environment will set the foundation for future school-readiness attributes. 

Toddler 2

2-2.9 yrs old

  • Ratio- 1:4, Staff/Child (1 teacher to 4 Children)

  • Energetic, lively two-year-old's love to explore the word around them. 

  • While utilizing adult scaffolding, we support children’s current level of development and challenge them with appropriate activities that will help the whole child. 

  • We understand that parents are the first teachers of their children and use this knowledge to build a school community that is inclusive of every family. 

  • Our Toddler 2 curriculum covers all developmental domains including social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development.

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